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Provence Wildlife Diary

January: The Eagle owls start to 'tune up' in preparation for breeding. Lots of raptors on the Camargue.
February: Golden Eagles are out patroling territories and displaying.
March: The migration. Sightings of 90 Black Kite; 18 Osprey; 8 Black Stork; etc. in a single day!
April: Short Toed Eagles and Egyptian Vultures. Little Bustards displaying.
May: Orchids. Nightingales singing and Scops Owls calling in the village.
June: Bee Eaters, Honey Buzzards, Golden Orioles, Purple Herons.
July: The best time for beavers, the valley is blue with lavender.
August: Families of Red Backed Shrikes and Bee Eaters seem to be everywhere.
September: The migration, thousands of birds pass by from the huge catchment area to the north.
October: Citril Finch. Red Deer rut. Mountains ablaze with colour as the leaves turn.
November: Alpine Accentor and Wallcreeper are most easily seen.
December: Chamois and Ibex rut. Greater Spotted Eagles and White Tailed Sea Eagles on the Camargue.

Wildlife Provencale What's different about our birdwatching holidays?

  • Local knowledge... there is no substitute
  • No minimum group size
  • The lowest prices
  • The highest service
  • Flexibility to suit your needs

Bee Eaters flying round us on the Camargue and the Crau. Wildlife tours in Provence, South of France Bee Eaters flying round us on the Camargue and the Crau were a special treat this summer.

We are here to suit you, when you would like, and how you would like. You are the boss, and that's what makes us different and better than the rest. It is your bird-watching holiday, not ours. We provide a warm and friendly atmosphere where the individual is special and not just part of a large group. We will even operate 1:1 bird watching tours ! This is where the larger firms can't compete with us. ...more

Wildlife Provencale How do I get there?

The Eurostar and TGV trains are proving to be “the carbon friendly way to travel.” Guests are met by the tour leader Andrew Hargreaves as they step off the train. ...more

Wildlife Provencale Tell me about Provence

For the naturalist we are located at a fascinating cross over between the Mediterranean and Alpine habitats. Where a succession of biomes are 'telescoped together' between the ruggedness of the Alps and the “big sky” of the Camargue. ...more

Wildlife Provencale How do I contact you?

Contact us by email, or call us anytime. We'll be happy to discuss your birding holiday plans and any special requests you may have.

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Phone:0033 475 273173
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Wildlife Provencale Highlights of recent bird-watching tours

  • A White Tailed Sea Eagle coming under attack from a pair of local Golden Eagles.
  • Watching from above as a young Peregrine Falcon and Raven took it in turns to chase each other.
  • An Eagle Owl sunning itself, and a Wallcreeper on the same rock.
  • Listening in the dusk, as a party of Wild Boar approached, to cross the track just ahead of us.
Bonelli's Eagle seen on our wildlife holidays in the South of France
  • Three Short Toed Eagles 'sky dance' above our village
  • The simple pleasure of watching a young beaver trying to manipulate a branch way too long and tangled in the bankside vegetation.
  • Collared Pratincoles feeding their young
  • A family of Golden Eagles hunting for Marmots along the cliff ledges of the Vercors

The rare and stunning Bonelli's Eagle usually puts in an appearance for us.

Wildlife Provencale Comments of our guests

  • "Like going on holiday with a friend." R. Bedford.
  • "I really appreciated the time taken to explain things." L. Marriot.
  • "Just magnificent" "Incomparable knowledge of the region's wildlife, especially birds" Return guest Prof. C.H. Fry author of Kingfishers, Bee-eaters & Rollers, Birds of Africa (ed.)
  • "I would have expected to pay extra for a one to one holiday." R . Peile.
  • "How did you find out about all these places?" R . Beasley.
  • "Thank you for all the effort above and beyond the call of duty that you put into ensuring that we had a really great holiday." Dr. R. Nelson.
  • "You'll really like Andrew the tour leader." His Mum.